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To apply for the Grant you must be above 18 years of age, you can choose any amount you would like to claim from the list of Grants avaialble. Once you apply and fill your information, our Agents are online to run a database check, thereafter you will be contacted within 6 hours to let you know if you are accredited for the amount you wish to be granted. In some cases when you’re not accredited we will give you choices of other amount you can claim, These Grants are not a loan and are not to be repaid back. 

Upon your accreditation, there is a corresponding Grant Charge Fee (GCF) which you are required to pay before your grant money will be remitted to you.

Our Agent will contact you about how you want the Grant remitted to you as soon as you are approved.

Note: Fields Marked with (**) are important.

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Monthly Income

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